Transport Management Software

Customised Transport Software Solutions

Dovetail provides customised transport software solutions to suit your business needs and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Our transport systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with external ERP’s, such as SAP and Pastel, and can expand along with business growth and development.


Improve Business Processes and Decrease Costs

Our solutions are guaranteed to increase efficiency, profitability and cost-awareness in transportation companies, while improving the quality of customer service through the deployment of transport software technologies. These transport software technologies assist in optimising routes, increasing on-time deliveries, decreasing costs and improving business processes.

Dovetail recognises and understands the challenges faced by transportation companies in the African environment and therefore tailor-makes its software solutions to assist companies in tackling these challenges.


Your Challenges are Our Opportunities

Over 80% of all freight, such as overnight express, line haul and break bulk, is moved via road in South Africa. However the road, freight and road transportation industries face ongoing challenges linked to fuel prices, labour, tolling, inadequate road infrastructure, increased vehicle and maintenance costs and process inefficiencies. In this harsh environment it can be difficult to maintain strong customer loyalty.

At Dovetail however your challenges are our opportunities and we can help you to address and solve your transportation difficulties. Allow us to help you grow.

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