Integration Software

  • Connect and Collaborate: Your internal and external systems rapidly connect into the ESB. The advanced technology means this can be done rapidly instead of months. This platform delivers robust flexibility, scalability, maintainability and total visibility.
  • Define Processes: Create both external and internal processes. These range from simple to complex, and from technology to manual processes. A key advantage is the ability for business to rapidly define and implement a unique process for a client, without having to change the code in the underlying systems.
  • Model, Monitor and Manage: Model these processes up front to see where there are bottlenecks, as well as continually monitor all aspects. Automated alerts and exception reporting can be developed. View interactive product display.

Process Overview

Trading partners will send messages e.g. waybill data in various formats. These formats will be transformed into a standard format e.g. XML and placed in eXpressWay. The target system will process the message and pass back a response to eXpressWay. The response will be sent to the source system as confirmation, if required.

Likewise, any outbound message e.g. proof of delivery will be transformed into the required format as required by the destination system. Any error will be logged and notifications sent to the defined administrators.

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