Dovetail’s Dashboard technology offers you Business Intelligence Reporting: eXplore.

Do you want to waste less time creating KPI reports in manual spread sheets, hassle less when needing to combine data from various systems, not worry about the data integrity of your reports, share reports and track changes and new developments with various stakeholders?

Business Intelligence software is not a choice anymore but a necessity in today’s global economic marketplace. If you want your business to thrive and prosper you need to have 24/7 access to reports that are based on accurate information and take into consideration all supply chain processes.

Dovetail’s Business Intelligence (BI) Solution provides an easy-to-use Supply Chain Reporting tool that offers the following:

  • An enterprise-wide view of transport and warehouse operations
  • Reports on key business metrics across your business
  • KPIs that provide tactical and strategic reporting
  • Pre-configured dashboards and graphs demonstrating the following:
  • Cost drivers
  • Revenue
  • Service Level Adherence (SLAs)
  • Performance
  • Customer volumes
  • Route analysis
  • Staff and asset productivity
  • Drilldown capabilities – from dashboard graphs to reports
  • Options to define alerts on specific KPI failures or successes
  • Detailed data management and analysis
  • Visibility for multiple stakeholders
  • Standard sets of visual reports and metrics
  • Out of the box integration to Dovetail’s Warehouse and Transport Solutions
  • A powerful desktop application delivered through a simple browser
  • The choice to link system visibility with other SQL-based solutions
  • Integration of data from multiple business systems

Dovetail’s BI Reporting Solution provides a clear overview of your supply chain, with time-saving solutions and instant access to accurate information. This supports you to make strategic business decisions with greater confidence and streamlines business processes. Be smart, implement Business Intelligence and enable your company to have optimal visibility and the option to make important business decisions at the click of a button.

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