3PL Warehouse Management Software

Unlike many solutions in the market, HighJump Enterprise 3PL WMS (e3PL WMS) was designed from the ground up to support the unique needs of the 3PL marketplace. For example, effectively handling multi-client billing and workflow isn’t an afterthought – it is an intrinsic part of the system from the design of the data forward.

e3PL is designed to manage all aspects of your warehouse, from managing inventory on the warehouse floor to tracking and controlling customer deliveries. With e3PL, you can be sure you’re your warehouse is always performing at peak efficiency.

Engineered to meet the unique needs of third party logistic operators, e3PL provides streamlined warehouse management processes, such as automated document management and delivery, advanced labor analytics, industry reporting, workforce automation, vendor compliance compatibility, and on-demand enterprise self service visibility.

e3PL brings you the latest innovations in cost control, revenue management, and inventory services, enabling you to consistently manage your business and help you meet your deadlines while exceeding your customer’s demanding expectations.


A robust, feature rich WMS sits at the heart of our solution. Capabilities such as catch weight, advanced inventory allocation and many more.


Mapping the needs of individual clients to customizable inventory attributes, workflows, entity design, alerts, notifications and much more.


Ensuring that each client is billed in an accurate and timely fashion based upon customizable rates and activity based revenue and costing. Then billing, invoicing and integrating with your financial system completes the process.


Empower your workforce with the right tool for the job – utilizing RF, Voice, RFID or paper in your warehouse processes. Then use advanced technology to assist in labor forecasting, tracking and costing.


Differentiate your company by providing web visibility to your clients, their customers and your partners into key processes that enable them to run their businesses more effectively.


Comprehensive customer self service extends the wealth of information from your operation to theirs:

  • Online order and receipt
  • C2C extensibility
  • Personalized reporting
  • Document management
  • Automated report delivery
  • Customer specific alerts


Most systems fail to contemplate the complexities of client billing. Accellos One 3PL shines with features like:

  • Revenue rating engine
  • Activity based revenue & costing
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Metrics by client and category
  • Integration with leading ERP systems


Service is the primary asset you have to sell. We make sure that your client specific requirements are met:

  • Configurable inventory identifiers
  • Configurable workflows
  • Exception notification
  • Customer issue tracking
  • Client specific KPIs


Maximizing the utilization of your labour and workforce force is critical in today’s economic climate. Our system give you tools like these to assist:

  • Labour forecasting
  • Labor tracking
  • Employee productivity
  • Customer labor costing
  • Facility labor costing

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