eBusiness Business Management Software

eBusiness forms part of Dovetails Business Management software solutions and offers the clients access via the internet to view real time information and create online transactions.

eBusiness is an online business management software module that provides access via the internet to your clients, allowing them to view real-time information – track-and-trace/reports – and create on-line transactions.

The eBusiness business management software module provides an innovative and interactive function to the Logistics Operator’s customers.

Why Choose eBusiness Business Management Software?

  • eBusiness will provide your clients or customers with 24/7 access to information regarding your services.
  • eBusiness is a business management software tool that serves as a customer portal to your business. This greatly increases communication effieinccy and reach and enables you to stay in touch with clients or customers 24/7.
  • Dovetail’s eBusiness module serves as an add-on-module to its document management and billing management solutions.


The Benefits of eBusiness

  • Access to all customer information, operational and financial, from past to present
  • Customer ability to process live quotes and collection requests, providing increased customer satisfaction; further entrenching the Logistics Operator with the customer
  • Gives the customer the ability to view track-and-trace details; extracting pod images assures the customer of the Logistics Operator’s commitment to providing a reliable service. Displaying invoices and statements via the e-business solution enhances customer fulfillment
  • The option of providing reports has been enhanced to view the stats in the form of graphs, highlighting both successes and failures to customers, ultimately allowing them to monitor their spend, plus track the service agreement signed with the Logistics Operator
  • Making this type of information transparent to the customers via the eBusiness business management software solution will assure the customer that Logistics operators are serious about maintaining and adhering to their committed service levels.
  • Enabling clients or customers to have 24/7 access to business information ensures efficient communication, automatic updates to SLA’s, queries and deliveries and streamlines business processes.

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