Transport Management Software (TMS)

Transport Management Software (TMS) allows you to:

  1. Plan and route your daily deliveries and collections more efficiently
  2. Shrink your fuel bill
  3. Reduce the kilometres travelled by your fleet
  4. Save up to 25% on distribution costs
  5. Monitor your drivers’ routes meticulously
  6. Reduce your carbon footprint
  7. Enjoy Streamlined transport management
  8. Enjoy complete fleet management


The Benefits of Transport Management Software (TMS)

Dovetail’s web-based service, in an SaaS package, enables leading-edge route planning that is simple, easy to use and highly cost effective.

When it comes to managing your vehicle fleet and planning your transport schedules, our Transport Management Software and Optimisation Solution will save you time and money and help you to use your available resources more effectively. A key advantage is that you will reduce your carbon footprint.


 Why Choose Transport Management Software (TMS)?

  1. Optimised route planning produces significant cost savings, ranging from 10% to over 25%. This is due to lower mileage, less wear and tear on vehicles, more efficient routing, increased driver productivity, improved warehousing and less need for transport sub-contracting.
  2. With optimal use of your fleet and well-routed drop sequences, drivers benefit from a well-balanced workload. Map views also provide helpful details of planned routes.
  3. Because collections and deliveries are well-planned and executed, customers enjoy reliable service that’s on time every time.
  4. With better control of your business resources, enhanced management control is achieved across sales, warehousing and transport operations.
  5. Data and information management is optimised as orders, deliveries and collections can be tracked and monitored at any time.
  6. Reporting is enhanced and transparent monitoring of KPIs can drive performance and productivity.

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