eXpressLink Data Processing Software 

Dovetail’s eXpressLink Data Processing Software Features:

As all data for the waybills is captured by the clients, they are able to generate their own reports, such as what they sent month-to-date/year-to-date, by mass, volume, value per destination, client etc. A simple and easy to use report filter is available so they can select the exact information they require. These reports can be viewed online and/or printed as desired.

Although eXpressLink can be used as an independent package, it has been specifically developed by Dovetail to be used jointly with its FreightWare solution. If the client has online communications, the software can automatically dial up the FreightWare server and upload the captured waybill information at the push of a button.


Dovetail’s eXpressLink Data Processing Software Benefits:

Your clients capture the waybills for you at the customer site, meaning reduced data capturing by your staff as they only have to check the information

It will inform you of the quantity of goods coming in, helping with pre-advice for capacity planning etc
During the connection, your server automatically downloads all current track-and-trace information, rates and destination information, if required. This enables your client to view their track-and-trace details on their own PC, reducing phone-in client enquiries to your customer services department.

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