Mentorship and the logistics industry

One of the most challenging industries to compete in is the logistics industry. This owes to the constant changes in cost, legislation, labour as well as the uncertainties, such as traffic, road conditions, weather and infrastructure, which contribute to a company having to constantly optimise and adapt logistics processes for success.

If you are thinking about starting a logistics company, have just graduated with a degree in logistics or you are working in the industry and need that extra boost for success, why not consider a mentor?

Whether, your area of focus is fleet management, logistics software, warehouse software solutions, supply chain optimisation, mobile solutions or warehousing you will find an expert that will be willing to advise and teach you for their own experience.

Grasping the Concept

Logistics pertains to every single organisation. Every company has a product or service to sell and needs to deliver it. Your job is helping them to achieve that in the utmost optimal way. Therefore, you need to know exactly where your area of expertise fits in, identify the challenges and opportunities and recognise changes in the internal and external environment that affects you.


A mentor will help you set realistic expectations and goals and provide you with a suitable criteria to measure your successes against. This is especially important when starting a company or taking the first step in a career path. You need to know what should be happening, when to worry and when to celebrate.

One of the biggest misconceptions about starting a company is that you will get rich quick. It is important to remember, however, that every industry has a pool of well-established competitors. IF you decide to offer fleet management services or develop warehouse software you will need to offer something special and unique and it will take time for the industry to trust and recognise your brand.

Finding a Specialist

It might seem like there is very little help out there, but if you start searching for mentorship programmers you will find organisation that specialise in mentorship programs. Further, it also helps to just ask. Remember that competitors might not be keen on mentoring you but you do not necessarily need an expert in your field for mentorship. What you need is someone who knows how to run a business, manage, excel, inspire and prosper. You need to learn the tricks of the trade and specifically surviving in the business world.

Helpful Resources

Industry Associations: Associations, such as Sapics and the RFA, have thousands of members and will be able to help you get in touch with mentorship programmes.

Business Publications: Most business publications comprise directories of the businesses in different industries and might also have information about mentorship programmes.

Tertiary Institutes

If you are looking for a mentor, call a tertiary institute and find out whether they offer mentorship programmes or host a list of companies or people who do.

Mentorship and the logistics industry