WMS positions company for Growth

Dovetail Business Solutions implemented its HighJump warehouse management system (WMS) solution for chemical distributor Freightpak, which is owned by South African transport, warehousing, distribution and logistics solutions provider Value Logistics.

The project entailed the implementation of the HighJump 3PL warehouse management system in Freightpak’s warehouses across South Africa, which Dovetail integrated with Freightpak’s existing Freightware transport management system.

The solution supports Freightpak in its goals for future growth as it is configurable to grow with the company.

The project scope was complex as Freightpak hosts multiple principles across various warehouses and the WMS had to cater for the hazardous chemicals environment as well as subsequent product requirements and regulations.

The project went live on September 2, 2013 with the HighJump warehouse management system which was successfully configured to meet Freightpak’s requirements.

Reason for Implementation

The implementation of HighJump WMS enabled efficiencies to be brought into Freightpak, help position the business for growth and provide the company with a platform to ensure competitiveness and provide the right systems to meet client requirements.

Dovetail Business Solutions PMO manager Tersia Myburgh explains that HighJump 3PL comprises the latest innovations in cost control, revenue management, and inventory services, enabling companies to consistently manage business processes and meet deadlines while exceeding customers’ demanding expectations.

The fundamental benefit of HighJump 3PL WMS is the ability to easily and seamlessly manage multiple warehouses with multiple principles, locations and products with each requiring their own set of processing rules. The 3PL element is an intrinsic part of the solution, which HighJump designed to meet these requirements.

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WMS positions company for Growth