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If you are on the brink of purchasing a software solution to either assist in running your warehouse processes, manage a fleet or streamline logistics processes, then you need to ensure that you are making the right decision. Not only because logistics software is a big investment, but also because it has the potential of drastically improving your business.

Important things to consider are integration aspects, licensing fees and requirements, functionality, potential for growth etc. However, it is also crucial for you to scan the environment in which you operating and ensure that the logistics software solution  purchased will compliment the environment.

Take stock of your internal and external business environment before making a decision regarding logistic software. it is important for a company to adapt to its environment in order for it to continue to grow and prosper.

Internal Environment

Your internal working environment will dictate the type of solution that you buy. Should you require warehouse software you will need to establish what it is that you want the warehouse software to do. Are your workers currently performing unnecessary manual tasks which could be automated? Are you struggling with enforcing safety aspects in the warehousing environment? These aspects need to be considered as your needs have to be met by the warehouse software or logistics suite that you implement.

External Environment

What are your customers demands and expectations for your business? Do you often receive complaints regarding late deliveries? Do your trucks break down regularly? Do you have a shortage of skilled staff and technicians to ensure fleet maintenance? A fleet management solution could help to take the chaos out of your business, remind you when fleets are due for maintenance, manage driver behavior and time of deliveries.

You will also need to ensure that you receive customer feedback regarding your service delivery. While your product might be delivered on time, clients might be unhappy with a lack of communication or unfriendly staff.