Is Your Warehouse Dysfunctional? The Benefits Of Warehouse Management Software

In this tough economic downturn, distribution and manufacturing businesses are experiencing rising costs at every turn. A dysfunctional warehouse which is running ineffectively can become a serious headache for business owners needing to keep up with their competitors.
An effective warehouse management software (WMS) system can turn it all around by streamlining operations and ultimately increasing profitability. Here are just some of the many benefits of adopting a WMS system

Accurate stock control

Managing stock using traditional manual methods leaves much room for error and huge potential for losses. Specialised warehouse management software automates much of the procedures, ensuring a well-run operation. These systems give accurate real-time information enabling staff members and management to keep track of where the inventory is in the production line and warns when stock is needing to be replenished.

Customer satisfaction

With a WMS system you have accurate information at your fingertips to ensure that you always have the exact quantities of all products and raw materials in stock when you need them, minimising delays. Faster turn-around times translates into happier customers and the potential for taking on more business.

Increased warehouse productivity

An effective WMS will maximise your existing workforce because time is no longer wasted on manual checks and stock ordering becomes a faster process. The ease of use of the WMS system also means new employees are quickly trained and are up and running in a few hours instead of a few weeks.

Lower Operating Costs

The efficiency of the right Warehouse management software results in needing fewer staff to carry out the duties of a warehouse. A WMS will streamline the production process, reduce picking errors and speed up order fulfillment, slashing operational costs.

Integrates with ERP systems

If you have an Enterprise Resource Planning system in place, Warehouse Management Software can easily be integrated into the existing infrastructure, providing a single effective production process for all staff members.

Tracks operation performance

A good WMS gives accessible reporting to track the overall performance of the warehouse. Management is able to compare the performance of different teams and operations based on their speed and accuracy. This information can be invaluable for making informed decisions that can turn a dysfunctional warehouse into an efficient one.

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