Power Your Warehouse Engine Using Barcode And RFID Automation Technology

Today’s consumers want more, better and faster and if your company doesn’t deliver they are quick to move onto the next. It’s a highly competitive, volatile market and companies are forced to find ways to cut costs and improve customer retention.

Warehouses are a critical link in any supply chain so these facilities need to be a slick, well maintained, error-free operations. For this reason, companies around the world are turning to automation to remove the bottlenecks with well-designed, adaptable systems that keep constant track of inventory throughout the production line.

Taking the guesswork out of inventory

Without an automated system, tracking of stock supplies is often left to guesswork and this can hugely impact the running of the business. If your stock estimation is higher than reality stock can run out and there may not be sufficient time for replenishment. This means orders go unfulfilled and you could lose valuable customers. On the other hand, estimating that you have less stock than you actually have results in excess inventory taking up valuable space which could have been better utilised. In some cases, unused stock may get spoiled or become unusable which results in taking a loss.

What is needed is accuracy and automation systems remove all the guesswork and the need for constant manual stock takes, meaning you only order what you need. Automation through radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging or barcode scanners give warehouse managers real-time information about stock availability.

Benefits of Barcode and RFID technology

  • Barcodes and RFID automation tracks materials through your warehouse or supply chain, giving accurate, end-to-end identification for work-in-progress management and quality control.
  • The barcode labels and RFID printers are designed for the warehousing industry and are built to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, chemicals and the vibration of industrial machinery.
  • Barcode and RFID software can easily integrate with existing applications allowing access to data to streamline all the labeling, tracking and documentation processes.
  • These systems automate work-in-process tracking that accurately identifies and links records, and even employees, with the various products or processes.
  • Inventory is fully serialised and is accessible on devices anywhere in the world.
  • The system can be set up to send you alerts when stock is running low and can even automatically order more when needed.

Automated warehouse management systems, with the use of barcode and RFID technology, make it possible to power your warehouse with greater precision than ever before!

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