7 Ways Cloud Technology Impacts Supply Chain Management

In today’s digital world, cloud computing has changed the face of many facets of business. Cloud computing is more than simply an advance in technology – it can transformation how your entire supply chain operates.

What exactly is cloud computing?

The term “cloud” originates from the days of flowcharts and Powerpoint presentations in which the internet would be represented as a puffy cloud on the diagram. So when pinning down a definition, one could say that cloud computing is the storing and accessing of data and programs over the internet instead of on your computer’s hard drive. The information is easily accessible on any internet-enabled device, anywhere, anytime. Cloud hosting service providers house the websites and applications needed to access this data on a network of multiple servers.

How this technology benefits supply chain management

In the past, supply chain management was reliant on face-to-face processes but cloud technology has opened up a number of opportunities that take advantage of faster, more accurate methods. Let’s look at these benefits:

1 – Advanced data analytics
Traditionally, the gathering and analysis of data was slow process done by a data entry clerk and a data analyst. The use of cloud computing enables the collection of data from various sources and automated analysis of this data. The ease and speed of data collection and analysis means that managers have the information at hand to make better business decisions.

2 – Multiple platforms
Cloud technology allows the integration of multiple platforms through the use of standardised protocols. This enables easy digital communication and rapid fulfillment of orders.

3 – Removing physical boundaries
Many cloud hosts use the same technology for accessing data so the same information can easily be updated from anywhere in the world.

4 – Data security
Cloud hosting providers have to abide by strict standards for maintaining the privacy of data stored through accepted security practices. The face that there is interconnectivity allows for constant security monitoring through the cloud-based system.
5 – IT support
Working with a cloud hosting service means supply chain managers and staff have access to 24/7 IT support and problems can be quickly resolved. This results in a saving on in-house IT manpower.
6 – Ease of scalability
When there is business growth there is a higher demand and a need to increase production. Service agreements with cloud hosts can easily by upscaled to accommodate additional bandwidth and processing capabilities.
7 – Cost saving
The biggest advantage of cloud technology is the reduction of overall operating costs. Many processes can be automated and require less manpower. Those employees can then be trained to tackle other tasks within the supply chain.

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