Streamline systems to tackle current economic challenges

“The realisation of reduced fuel costs, increased efficiencies and an optimised supply chain for logistics companies requires adequate warehouse and transport management software, which should be implemented and used at full capacity,” notes Dovetail Business Solutions business development director Shermandra Singh.

He cites the continuous increases in South Africa’s petrol price, continuous labour strikes, subsequent wage increases and the condition of South Africa’s road system as the biggest challenges which logistics companies currently have to face.

Therefore, an increase in the efficiency provided by WMS and TMS systems is needed by all logistics companies. “This increase in efficiency can be achieved by ensuring that the WMS and TMS systems installed in a company are operating at full capacity,” Singh stresses.

He cites road and air freight provider Frieghtmore as an example of a company that successfully implemented a TMS system and is using its full capacity to ensure that it is deriving the maximum benefits for its operational processes.

Freightmore acquired Dovetail’s FreightWare TMS system in early 2008, but was not yet using it to its full potential. After this realisation, the company implemented comprehensive information onto the system and ensured that all staff were trained to efficiently operate the system.

Freightmore IT systems manager Delphine Abdulla notes that, following the full implementation of the FreightWare TMS system, Freightmore’s business processess are now fully reliant on this system and the company never deviates.

“We also implemented e-billing, which significantly reduced Freightmore’s paper usage. In addition, invoices and statements are now electronically sent to clients, thereby allowing increased efficiency and time savings.  We also significantly reduced the number of phone calls required, as well as the amount of queries lodged regarding waybills and PODS,” Abdulla explains, adding that owing to the tracking capabilities of Dovetail’s TMS solution, clients can easily log onto FreighMore’s website for detailed information regarding their goods.

Delphine states that, as a result of the automation Dovetail’s solution has brought into the company, efficiency levels have heightened, which resulted in cost and time savings.  “Many processes were automated through the implementation of Dovetail’s FreightWare solution.”

“With Dovetail’s solution suite, everything available at the touch of a button,” Delphine highlights.

She concludes that Dovetail has a great product with much experience in the logistics freight industry and is always coming up with new and exciting ideas.