Expanding warehouse capacity with warehouse software

Many make the mistake of immediately associating warehouse capacity with storage space. However, when using an efficient warehouse software solution, your warehouse capacity can be streamlined, thereby increasing  capacity without having to expand the physical structure.

An important consideration when aiming to increase warehouse capacity is the storage system used in the warehouse and the amount of safety stock present. Layout is crucial to ensuring a streamlined process in a warehouse system.

Storage, however, is not always the only reason why warehouse processes might not be flowing smoothly. Efficient throughput is crucial in a warehouse environment. If you are not getting your products out to your customers fast enough then you are not performing at an optimal level.

How can you increase warehouse throughput?

Increase information flow and Accuracy

Automation is key to a successful warehouse environment. Warehouse software can greatly increase automation  for your business processes. In addition, automation could help with data accuracy as manual administration processes leave more room for errors. Once warehouse processes have been automated, employees can focus on other critical areas in the warehouse.

Use RFID Technology

RFID technology is one of the greatest inventions ever made. Not only does it help speed up certain processes in a supply chain, but it also eliminates the need for others, such as manual stock taking,  stock tracking, efficient storage and throughput.

Use your Time Wisely

The realisation of increased warehouse throughput requires adequate time management. Instead of increasing the size of your warehouse you could double or triple your operating hours. In addition, operating infrastructure more efficiently could also increase throughput. Instead of using one loading bay for eighteen hours, use two for eight hours each. This will give you the same throughput faster.

Manage storage Better

Instead of finding ways to store more products by decreasing the open floor space of your warehouse, rather see how you can change your ordering process to ensure that you do not have too much safety stock. Warehouse software could help you to streamline these processes, keep track of the amounts of products in your warehouse and notify you when new products should be ordered and how much. Thereby you can streamline your supply chain processes and increase your throughput and capacity without having to increase the size of your warehouse.