Logistics Software and Billing Management- Dovetail Goes Global

To further cater to the need of the global and African logistics environment, Dovetail Business Solutions established its www.dovetailafrica.com site which caters specifically for Africa with solutions aimed at tackling the current challenges experienced in the logistics sphere of this region.

As businesses are also becoming bugger and consumers are demanding more in a faster time frame business management software has become equally important in the logistics and other industries and, therefore, Dovetail has established its global www.dovetailesolutions.com domain to showcase its business management software solutions and help industries ensure automation in their operations- no matter how big or small.

Some posts from our new websites:

Is logistics possible without logistics software?

Ever thought about it? What exactly is logistics, what does it entail and what role does logistics software play in logistics? Is it a luxury or a necessity?

Logistics software comes down to the thing which has enabled the global integration and distribution that we are so easily used to today. Globalisation has changed things- big time! And without information technology (IT) none of it would be possible. Logistics software comes down to IT- IT configured, developed and specialised specifically for logistics operations.

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Billing Management- Giving You Peace

Is it possible to find peace when running a business? Yes. But as soon as we find peace we set new goals and try to apply ourselves to different things. But let’s put the psychology of human nature aside. As long as you have peace with regard to the business processes that have solutions to provide you peace you’re ok.

How can Billing Management Help Billing Processes?

Billing Management can be tough. After all, without billing you wont make money and without ensuring that you are not giving products away for free or delivering services without getting paid your company wont survive. Or it won’t grow- Both lead to business failure. Believe it or not there are people who run businesses and who miss out on payments as they can’t keep track of who paid and who did not or they bill inaccurately- either by under-billing- which probably makes the customers happy and your business unhappy- or over-billing which makes your customers unhappy and therefore also makes your business unhappy.

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