Why HighJump Warehouse Management System (WMS) is #1

Dovetail Business Solutions in accordance with its Canadian partner HighJump offers the HighJump WMS solution which is used by large logistics corporations across the globe for superior warehouse management, visibility and control. HighJump One Warehouse integrates seamlessly with many popular accounting/order-entry packages and shipping systems to provide the warehousing link in a total supply chain solution.

Some of  the Reasons why the HighJump WMS is the BEST:

1. It was listed on Forbes

HighJump was listed as one of the Forbes top100 most promising companies for 2014. Owing to the success of the software suite HighJump together with Dovetail holds major potential for growth and advancement in the IT industry.

2. More than 3000 companies use the HighJump WMS solution

Twenty-three countries around the globe use the HighJump WMS solution. The HighJump warehouse software suite comprises an end-to-end, cloud-ready and mobile solution which ensures automation, optimisation and integration in the warehouse environment.

3. It is continuously updated and expanded to meet global demands

As the HighJump WMS solution is used across 23 countries it caters for global requirements and was developed to ensure that it is configurable to meet a company’s requirements, grow with the company and to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage.


HighJump Warehouse Management System Case Study

McCue Corporation used to manage the storage and movement of its inbound components and outbound finished products using paper documents for receiving, putaway, recovery, assembly and light manufacturing and shipping.  Paperwork for incoming shipments would be keyed into the system and stored by category and available space.  Documents for subsequent movement of components and finished goods would come to the floor, be placed in a tray and be processed in order by the warehouse and/or production staff.

The new facility presented new challenges. Its 40-foot ceiling allowed for racking three and four levels high in an 18-lane confi guration. The newlayout placed the receiving/shipping and storage in the forward sectionsof the building, product assembly to the middle, and the injection molding, where PVC particles are turned end caps, corners and so on, to the rear.  The warehouse staff, including the personnel licensed to operate the injection molding units, grew to more than 30, most of them cross-trained to perform any of the warehouse or assembly tasks.

With the move to the new quarters, it became apparent that paper-based procedures based on the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP were not adequate for the larger, multifaceted facility. There was simply too much to remember in the voluminous mix of parts and products residing in the complex matrix of lanes, levels and bin numbers. So much was going on in the building that inconsistencies and errors were creeping into the operations.  IT Manager Carlos Cabrera sensed an impending loss of control.

The VAR recommended HighJumpOne Collect for Dynamics GP which interfaces directly with Microsoft Dynamics GP through the use of Intermec T2425 RF-enabled scanners communicating wirelessly with the ERP software to enable real-time exchange of information between the warehouse or production floor and the management software.

HighJumpOne Collect for Dynamics GP blends the sophistication of a warehouse management system with the simplicity of an automated data collection solution. It connects, collects and controls every aspect of Microsoft Dynamics GP receiving, order fulfi llment and inventory control functions, gathering data at its origin and entering it in real time into the ERP system. The collected information is processed immediately following the Microsoft Dynamics GP business rules.


Founder David McCue identified the need for better protective solutions
for stores of all types and sizes during several years working for a
manufacturer of equipment for the retail industry.  The privately held
firm maintains headquarters, warehouse, assembly and manufacturing
operations in Salem, Massachusetts.  A second headquarters is located in
the United Kingdom and sales offices are strategically positioned in the
U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and South America.