Why did Dovetail Develop its Container Transport Solution?

Container Market Overview

  • Origins in the late 1800’s
  • Dedicated vessels from the 1950’s
  • Intermodal transport benefits
  • Containerization greatly reduced the expense of international trade
  • Improved cargo security
  • Containers are intended to be used constantly
  • Container transport costs management
  • Container repositioning challenges


Solution Need

  • At the port of Durban –  In 2012 – Container volumes exceeded (2.6million TEUs) totaling in excess of 36 Million tons.
  • Containers handled at Durban represented 62 percent of the total number of containers handled at South African ports.

When considering at the growth and development of the container industry in South Africa as well as globally it is clear that an efficient container tracking and container transport solution for container road transport is necessary. Hence, the introduction of Dovetail’s Container Transport Software Solution.

The Four Crucial Factors For Efficient Container Transport


  • Crucial in ensuring timeous collection and delivery processing
  • Visibility aids in ensuring the safety of container goods as you can tracks containers

Cost Reductions

  • Unnecessary stops and route changes need to be avoided
  • Less communication is needed which saves on administration costs.


  • For increased visibility to be realised integration with port and tracking systems is necessary.

Container Triangulation

  • Making container usage less costly
  • and more efficient

There are typically 6 movements in a life cycle of a container.  Whilst this process works, it is neither efficient or cost effective:

How Dovetail’s solution makes it more efficient to manage and control this in 4 steps


Container Management  Business Benefits

  • Container Booking, Tracking and Scheduling
  • Reduced paper and manual tedious follow ups
  • Manage interlinked legs – collect, store, deliver, return
  • Triangulation management
  • Track containers stored in a container depot
  • Manage own vehicles or subcontractors jobs
  • Interface options with port schedules and MobileControl
  • Cloud based solution
  • Current planned roadmap
  • Rating – activity based billing
  • LTL management
  • Interface with vehicle tracking systems