Companies Should Gear Themselves for a Customer-Centric Future- Dovetail Multi-Tech Launch

Dovetail Business Solutions hosted its Multi-Tech launch on June 25 at the Bryanston Country Club in Sandton, Johannesburg which was attended more than 130 industry stakeholders with Independent Logistics and Supply Chain Specialist Barry Saxton as the guest speaker.


Saxton provided the audience with an overview of The Book On Logistics Software and the role that the book will play in the logistics industry, the reflection it provides of what stakeholders experience and the wisdom provided by the authors.


Further, Saxton focused on the current trends and technologies that are shaping the future of the logistics industry and stressed the importance that a consumer driven market is playing in company development and success.


“We live in a future-filtered world where wearables, flyables, driveables and scannables are the new realm in which we operate,” Saxton noted, adding that the digital revolution has forever changed the way we do business and has given rise to a culture of integration and collaboration connecting people, companies and countries around the world.


“The digital revolution has set in motion a competitive landscape where price or product alone will never again be a competitive advantage,” he added, noting that it has created more sophisticated, educated and demanding customers that knows what they want and when they want it.


“Fail to deliver and your competitor is only a mouse click away,” he warned. “More than ever we need to put the customer in the centre of everything we do. We need to understand their individual needs, then find smarter, faster ways of meeting them.”


Saxton further highlighted the need for improved logistics on a global scale and the need for innovation to cater for the growth in the global population as well as the aging population which is creating a new and unique market that needs to be catered to.


Further, Dovetail Business Development Director Shermandra Singh provided an overview of the container industry, how the container has enabled globalisation and stressed the need for efficient and affordable container road transport.


His presentation was followed by a live demonstration of Dovetail’s new Container Transport Software Solution (CTS) where he showed the audience the capabilities and promise of the new technology.


Singh was followed by Dovetail Sales Director Ralf Rolle who presented the company’s new mobile solution; MobileControl on Android. The audience was very excited to view a live demo of the device with the promise of what this technology will hold for supply chains across the globe.


About Dovetail
Dovetail Business Solutions is an African provider of software solutions to the transport, warehousing, 3PL and Logistics industries. Many of South Africa’s leading logistics service providers uses Dovetail’s software with more than 10-million transactions processed by the company’s solutions a month.


The company’s software offering includes: Transport Management, Warehouse Management, Container Transport Management, Routing and Optimisation, Fleet Management, Business Intelligence, Mobility, and Document Management solutions.