Why Did Dovetail Develop MobileControl on Android?

Why did Dovetail develop and tailor its mobile software to run on Android? Because that is where the future is going. In fact, most people are already there. It is shocking to see what percentage of the world’s population owns a mobile phone and this makes it necessary and crucial for businesses to ensure that their technologies follow suit.

Dovetail’s mobile software solution (MobileControl) has been available on rugged and PDA devices since its inception but as we continuously aim to make our software solutions more affordable, attainable and comfortable for our clients we decided to make this solution available on Android, thereby placing it in the hands of both small and large companies and ensuring optimal supply chain visibility.

Why MobileControl on Android?

  • There is a global trend to Android
  • Cost of devices
  • It is quicker to develop
  • Easier to roll-out
  • Enables Companies to Manage Route Progression
  • KPI Management
  • Investment retained

Global Trends in Mobile and Logistics

Cellular technology is advancing rapidly

  • Cell phone network coverage has become more extensive
  • Capabilities of mobile devices have progressed significantly.

Device costs have decreased significantly

  • 10 Years Ago Cab-mounted, onboard computers cost about $5,000 or more per unit.
  • Today the cost amounts to $30-$50 a month

Shippers are using mobile to gain un-precedented visibility

  • Mobile technology enables operational efficiencies, streamlined operations, and reduced costs

The consumer is leading the mobile charge

  • Visibility over customer orders is a top supply chain concern
  • Cellular devices, mobile applications, GPS locators and the cloud are a few of the most important tools shippers will need to achieve data synchronization and sharing\

Mobile Software is Everywhere

  • Apps now represent 86% of the time users spend on their mobile phone

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What Benefits have Logistics companies Enjoyed From Mobility:

What have we seen with mobility in SA?

In South Africa, the continent’s strongest economy, mobile phone use has gone from 17 percent of adults in 2000 to

more than 76 percent in 2014.