Why join a Logistics Industry Association?

Running a business in the logistics industry is hard enough without having to worry about changing regulations, labor relations and permits. In addition, in the face of ongoing changes to labor practices, proposed regulations and challenges, an industry association will fight alongside you to ensure that its members best interests are at the heart of decisions made.

Whether your business specialises in fleet management, warehouse software, logistics software, trucking, 3PL or Supply Chain Optimisation, there will be an industry association that could see to your needs.

Joining an association might seem costly at first, but membership holds major advantages, such as sponsorship, events, updates and support regarding regulatory issues as well as the opportunity to network with members in your industry.

Associations will also provide you with important documentation and statistics regarding the performance of the logistics industry as well as its sub-sectors. This information can be used to assist in making important business decision regarding new business and growth.

Further, being part of an industry association could greatly assist with business sustainability as the association will have the expertise and resources to connect you with the right people and to advise you against or for certain actions as it will be able to draw from its members experience in similar situations.