Helpful Resources for Logistics

Worldwide, the logistics industry is vast, ever expanding, breaking through new challenges, creating employment and uplifting communities. Being a part of the logistics industry means you will never get bored. Instead you need to equip yourself with knowledge, ensure that you are always aware of new innovations, challenges, opportunities, stakeholder needs and interests and that you have access to helpful resources to keep you informed.

Transportation/ Logistics/ Warehousing/ IT Publications

There are literally thousands of online and print publications for you to keep yourself informed regarding challenges, opportunities and new inventions in the logistics industry. This will also give you an opportunity to see what is currently trending in the industry what your competitors are up to and what new opportunities are present.

Whether you are specialising, in courier services, warehouse software or supply chain management, there will be a specialised publication to keep you up to date and on top of your game.

Examples include:

  • ComputerWorld – This is a publication that focuses on every aspect of IT. if you specialise in software, for example logistics software, this publication will turn you into an IT wiz. In addition, it hosts a number of blogs where writers comment on certain trends, beliefs and speculations in the IT industry.
  • Logistics Business Magazine – This is one of the most read international B2B publications that focus on all aspects of logistics, warehousing, materials handling and IT. Making this a regular read could open up new opportunities as you identify where potential growth for your company or logistics skills might lie.
  • Supply Chain Digital – An international publication focusing on outsourcing, warehousing, logistics and procurement. The publication focuses on the different sectors of  the logistics industry and provides newsworthy information as well as helpful articles on logistics concerns, such as fleet maintenance, logistics software optimisation, warehouse safety etc.