Dovetail’s Annual WMS Roadshow – 2016

On March 3rd and 4th Dovetail Business Solutions held their annual WMS Roadshow at the Bryanston Country club. The Dovetail Road Show is a highlight and most anticipated event on the logistics calendars. Traditionally the WMS Road Show is only a single day event where industry thought leaders come together and swap ideas and network.  This year however, there was a twist to the traditional set up of the Road Show; Dovetail partnered up with Informa Conferences in a bid to extend their reach further in to Africa.

With an intensive line up of industry leaders set to share their experience and ideas the even promised to be a success. And it did not disappoint. Day one was opened by a representative from the Minister of Transport, where he out lined the role that they play in the logistics universe. The other highlights of day one was a case study by Shermandra Singh, highlighting one of Dovetail’s success stories in Kenya using out the box thinking and utilizing the mobile device.

Followed shortly after by Joe Couto from HighJump; Dovetail’s American partner, whose main focus was on the digital disruptors to the supply chain sector – the likes of Amazon and Uber were examined. Mr. Couto also went on to discuss how we are living in the age of consumerization. His presentation mention how cconsumerization is the specific impact that consumer-originated technologies can have on enterprises and because ecommerce and digital retail appears to be the way of the future we need to set the digital stage and embrace consumerization.

On day two we were privy to an in depth look at the role I.T plays in customer engagement and retention by Dovetail’s Key Accounts Director, Ralf Rolle. In his presentation, Mr. Rolle highlighted the 9th CSIR report stated that proper IT systems can bring about the required integration and collaboration. He also gave us a look in to the future with a look at global trends in mobile and logistics.

This conference was a great platform for the logistics industry to exchange ideas and open new avenues of dialogue. The topics ranged from supply chain through to WMS and the role technology plays in the constant evolution of the logistics and supply chain industry. The caliber of speakers throughout the two days was excellent, for those who attended the conference and would like a copy of the presentations – these will be available for download. As will the recordings of the convention is easy to download bytes and pieces.


If you would like the recordings of the conference or would be interested in any of the Power Poin presentations that took place at the conference please don’t hesitate to contact Emma Morris on

Dovetail’s Annual WMS Roadshow – 2016