Dovetail Joins In The Spirit Of Ubuntu With Operation Hydrate

Gandhi is often quoted with saying, “be the change you want to see in the world”, the recent drought that has South Africa in a stranglehold has proven these words have resonated with the people of South Africa. A civilian lead initiative has taken South Africa by storm (pun intended) and each month thousands of litres of water are donated and shipped to the drought-ridden parts of South Africa.

With regular collection drives and numerous collection points across Gauteng – and with a few more points appearing across the country in Cape Town- the initiative is growing steadily. The water doesn’t have to be for Drinking water, it can also be meant for bathing, watering gardens and given to animals. Although the foundation does ask that you clearly specify what the water that you have donated is being intended for.

To date, South African’s have donated millions of litres of water, whether it has been a donation of actual bottles of water, or a cash donation towards the cause. As the drought continues to grip South African farmers, the non-profit citizen run initiative has stepped up their efforts and you can now donate boreholes or as mentioned before money towards a borehole.

For some communities, they have gone without water since the end of last year and the situation is now dire. Despite the recent rains that we have had the experts say that it is not enough. There have been talks at the Kruger Park and among farmers across Gauteng and the Eastern Cape to cull some of the herds.

In keeping with South Africa’s spirit of Ubuntu, Dovetail was more than willing to help those affected by the drought, we donated a pallet of water to be distributed by the foundation at their discretion.

If you would like to donate or get involved like Dovetail, you can find them on Facebook or contact Ridwaan Ismail at:

Dovetail Joins In The Spirit Of Ubuntu With Operation Hydrate