Dovetail Director Appointed Vice Chairman of TUT Supply Chain Faculty

Dovetail Business Solutions director Shermandra Singh was appointed Vice Chairman of the Faculty of Supply Chain Management at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) effective January 2016.

The decision took place during a curriculum advisory meeting in which Dovetail was invited to provide insight and guidance on the role that Information Technology (IT) plays in supply chain management and execution and advise how this knowledge can be transferred to students.

The need for more information regarding IT in the Supply Chain was first highlighted when Dovetail lectured at Logistics Day 2015, which is hosted by TUT and aims to expose supply chain students to the working world of logistics. During this event, Dovetail Key Accounts Director Ralf Rolle enticed the students with a lecture on the role that IT plays in supply chain as well as the critical skills shortage in this sector.

Following his presentation, students asked Dovetail whether it would be possible to provide the university with examples of logistics IT systems coupled with exposure to how these systems are used in an operational environment.

Subsequently, Dovetail was asked to sit in on TUT’s curriculum advisory panel and assist in planning the University’s supply chain curriculum for 2016.

Singh explains that the University recognises the important role that IT plays in supply chain management and the need for students to enter the workforce with an understanding of Logistics IT systems.

“TUT requires more involvement from the private sector and needs a company with strong presence and track record in the supply chain industry to provide a meaningful contribution in creating empowered students that can add value to the supply chain industry when they complete their degrees,” he adds.

“IT is the main driver behind supply chains and students need to understand how it drives supply chains in order for them to make a positive contribution towards the development of South Africa’s logistics industry.”

Singh’s role as vice chairman of the Supply Chain Management faculty entails advising on trends in supply chain. Identifying skills gap in this industry that learners should be focusing on working with TUT to ensure the curriculum is also addressing specific skills shortages.