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Dovetail Logistics Solutions prides itself on being a highly specialised enterprise. As such, the dedicated Dovetail team has concentrated immense resources and focus over the years on developing expertise and industry knowledge within the logistics and software spheres. Having earned the respect of the market at large, coupled with an uncanny reputation for superior quality of product and service, Dovetail is an undisputed market leader. Through enhanced visibility and control – Dovetail’s speciality logistics management package offers an integrated, comprehensive suite that comprises several chief modules aimed at meeting the following supply chain needs:

  • “Wheels” – Transport management software
  • “Walls” – Warehouse management software
  • “Wisdom” – Business intelligence software
  • “Web” – Internet-based e-business software
  • Financial management software
  • Document imaging and workflow management software
  • Also, an integration and collaboration platform

The above software suite is strategically developed with seamless installation and compatibility in mind. This means that although enterprises can adopt each module as a stand-alone product for a specific function, it is preferable to employ the combined LMS for a consolidated, all-inclusive solution. The full potential of the suite is harnessed when combined, replacing the need to incorporate several software solutions from divergent service providers. Apart from offering a word-class logistics management software akin to no other in the marketplace, here are just four considerations that have allowed Dovetail as a service provider and its LMS offering to stand head and shoulders above competitors over the years.

Versatile Solution – Dovetail’s logistics software solutions have been developed and perfected to accurately and potently meet the unique needs of various sectors. There is a growing database of ‘A-list’ logistics companies in South Africa that have adopted Dovetail’s offering as the solution of choice for their organisations. This attests to the robustness and adaptability of the above software solutions. Clients hail from various disciplines, including:

  • Courier
  • Road freight
  • Bulk transportation
  • Contract transportation
  • Warehousing
  • 3PL, 4PL
  • FMCG
  • Forward and reverse logistics
  • “Haz-Chem”
  • Specialised distribution

Superior Customer Service – Customers enjoy 24 hour sales and after-sales support, 365 days a year.
Synergistic Partnerships – Cross border and international installations where applicable are supported by respected global partners.
Supplementary Services – Comprehensive computer facilities centre services are provided.
Ease-Of-Use – Solutions can be purchased on an ASP basis for seamless installation and use.
Regional Industry Leader – Dovetail Business Solutions is widely considered the leading architect of innovative software solutions for integrated logistics in Southern Africa.

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In asking – What is logistics management to your business? – the incredible benefits and necessity to adopt a sound, quality solution, are quickly unveiled. Contact Dovetail today for a premier logistics management software solution; one that is constituted to enhance your organisations logistics management efficiencies, streamline costs through a value-driven approach and ultimately optimise overall supply chain processes.