Courier Services and the Festive Season- How do they do it?

The Holiday season is in the air. Little kids are writing letters to Santa, parents are running around shopping malls trying to get everything on ‘the list’, jingle bells are echoing from car radios, shops are filled with bright lights and presents and companies are trying to get through the end of year rush and make targets and deadlines.

While the period just before the festive season is somewhat chaotic for most companies, it is coupled with a certain tinge of joy and the knowledge that you made it another year. And even though we spend so much time and exert so much energy to find the perfect gifts for our clients and family, we leave those gifts in the trusting arms of our courier companies to deliver to the relatives,  friends and clients from far away.

The festive season has to be one of the most chaotic times for courier services. Most kids start to wonder at a certain age how Santa gets to deliver every single  present in the whole world in one night. So how do courier companies deliver the millions of deliveries comprising corporate gifts, holiday presents and festive gifts in a month?

Enabling the Impossible

Keeping track of all the gifts, addresses, names and telephone numbers would be hard work without adequate transport software to make things easier. Would you trust courier services to safely deliver your gifts if you could not keep track of the delivery status online?

Thanks to logistics software, we are able to have increased visibility over the valuables we entrust courier services with. And thanks to warehouse software, courier companies can organise all packages and ensure safe storage, on-time delivery and that the personal details of both senders and receivers are stored on a system which tracks and traces the parcel and ensures that it gets delivered safely.

Even though the festive season is obviously extremely stressful for courier services, could you imagine what it was like before the advent of software systems?