You and Your Warehouse Software Provider

Building a Relationship with your Warehouse Software Provider

Maintaining and managing a warehouse can be worrisome, wonderful and wild at the best of times. Having full control and visibility over a warehouse and all of the processes does not come easy. Hence the development of warehouse software.

But could it really be that simple? Do you only need to implement a warehouse software system for full control, visibility and peace of mind? No. You also need to manage your warehouse system, control it and ensure that it is optimised, configured and integrated.

Hence the provision of a warehouse software provider along with a warehouse system. When deciding on implementing a warehouse system you should ensure that the company you are acquiring the system from values long-term relationships with its clients, has adequate training programmes in place and provides communication portals in which you can stay in touch, access 24/7 support and use the system to its full advantage.

Once you Have a Warehouse Software System in Place Ensure that You:

Keep in Touch with your Warehouse Software Provider:

No matter what time of day or night your software provider should have a dedicated support team available to assist you when disaster strikes…or even just when a question about your system pops into your head. Remember; you’re not buying a CD or a computer game which you can throw in the trash or give back when it does not work the way you want it to; your supply chain is dependent on your warehouse software system, therefore, you need 24/7 support whether it is Saturday, Valentines Day or The World Cup.

Track the Performance of your Warehouse System:

If you don’t check it you won’t know if it’s working. Remember to take notes, and speak about your expectations regarding the performance of your WMS (Warehouse Management System) before it is implemented. This will enable you to track the performance afterwards and see if the system is achieving what you need it to. If not, your warehouse software provider together with your Supply Chain team can configure and optimise the system to cater to your requirements and goals.

Sit Back and Take a look at the Big Picture:

Remember, a WMS is not supposed to increase efficiency in your warehouse environment only, but should also be making life easier with regard to document management, transportation, distribution etc. Before deciding that a warehouse system is not working for you take a look at the big picture. Do you see an overall increase in supply chain efficiency? Also, take a look at areas where improvement is not what you expected and ask your software provider to assist with system configuration.

Think long-term with regard to a warehouse software system and your provider. It’s a big investment which will support your logistics operations while you grow and should be providing you with a sustainable competitive advantage and 24/7 support. You and your warehouse software provider will be in it for the long haul.