When is Your Logistics Software Working For You?

Ever wondered why you had that logistics software system implemented? Ever stand in your warehouse and wonder: is it the warehouse software that has made everything so efficient or is it the employees? Found yourself sitting in your office wondering why you haven’t manually typed spreadsheets and reports in a while? Or scratched your head in awe of how accurate all your reports seem to be?

Is Your Logistics Success owed to Logistics Software?

Yes! But You also need to look at the big picture. The thing is, logistics software does not operate in isolation. You can’t say your supply chain is optimised all because of your supply chain manager– he’s a champ! Or your fleets are in excellent condition and are enjoying reduced fuel costs and breakdowns- all because you employed that other fleet controller. No, logistics success does not come down to one thing.

Logistics software cannot streamline your supply chain simply because you implemented it. But logistics software can streamline and optimise your supply chain because you implemented it, configured it, managed it and integrated it with all surrounding operations. If your supply chain is more efficient, it is because your logistics software is working for you, your employees are operating it correctly and your supply chain operations are well integrated with the system.

In the world of logistics, isolation is the enemy. You cannot operate a successful supply chain in the absence of logistics support and integration which comes in many shapes and sizes. Your supply chain exists out of many links, such as all stakeholders involved in your company, all IT implemented in your company as well as in your clients, suppliers and partners companies and the knowledge of the logistics software hosted and exercised by your employees.

So When is Your Logistics Software Working For you?

When you see an increase in efficiency, your logistics software is working. If your warehouse processes are optimised and distribution is faster and more accurate, your warehouse software is working. If you have more control over your fleet and your deliveries are streamlined and matched to route optimisation, your courier software  and fleet management software are working.

If you don’t have to run to the office in the middle of the night because a link in the supply chain seems to be missing or ‘broken’ but can communicate via the comfort of your home, your mobile software is working.

Does Logistics software work immediately? No. Your logistics software provider needs to train your employees, hold your hand and offer 24/7 support for a specified period after implementation. And even after that period is over, you should still get 24/7 support, but should also see your efficiency levels climbing.

Logistics software is amazing. We all know by now that software has changed the world. Logistics software has streamlined supply chains, enabled fully automated warehouses, made same-day deliveries possible and has enabled logistics providers to bridge  the gap between local and global service delivery.

So will Logistics Software Work for You? Yes… it’s Awesome!