6 Ways Mobile ePOD Software Aids in Remote Management

ePOD Software is an electronic proof of a delivery system that can be integrated into your existing automation software. This software currently comes in many forms, the most common of which are mobile applications (some companies opt for handheld scanners, which can turn out to be a costly option).


If you are still using the old “paper trail” method, you might be wondering why you should even consider making the switch to mobile ePOD software. While changing an existing system is often a daunting task, the long term (and short term) benefits of switching to mobile ePOD software are clear. Once you take the leap and make the switch you can expect to enjoy:


Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking of collection and delivery using mobile ePOD software is the most effective management tool for fleets. With ePOD software you can monitor your drivers remotely, allowing you to keep track of collection and delivery as well as monitor driver performance. Having your drivers utilize mobile ePOD software allows for real-time task allocation and driver communication (invaluable for emergencies and breakdowns). Being in a position to better understand driver efficiency gives you the ability to improve overall collection and delivery management, leading to a more efficient and effective fleet. Real-time tracking improves communication between in-office staff and your drivers, greatly improving the speed with which issues are resolved, should they occur.


When Issues Arise

Electronic Proof of Delivery software improves communication to such an extent that issues can be resolved almost instantly by sending replacement drivers or diverting another driver for replacement or assistance. Tracking issues remotely supports rapid resolution and understanding of fleet limitations/improvements allows for greater flexibility within the delivery management process. Remote management leads to dynamic fleet operation, allowing staff to respond and adjust schedules as unexpected issues arise.



The greater the data transparency in business, the greater the potential for effective management. Whether its job tracking, time tracking, image capturing or proof of delivery signature capturing – gaining maximum visibility through mobile ePOD software will provide management with the tools needed to accurately implement KPIs and service level goals for delivery schedules. Greater transparency not only allows management to better track employee performance but also provides employees with a sense of security knowing that their performance review is backed by facts and not opinion.


Optimal Route Planning

While the human brain is an astoundingly powerful machine, it cannot easily compute all the different parameters and factors needed to find an optimal route, especially for large fleets and in a limited time frame. This is where algorithms like the ones used in most mobile ePOD software come in, providing the most effective route optimization strategies and allowing for more flexibility in the case of things going wrong. The use of mobile ePOD software not only saves time but also reduces costs and allows you to accurately assess (among others) driver schedules, vehicle capabilities, and customer time windows.


Paperless Operation

In today’s world of greenhouse gasses and climate change, a business would rather be part of the solution than the problem and the use of good ePOD software enables you to do just that. Forget about staff manually filling in log sheets, signing waybills, and spending hours filing paperwork – electronic proof of delivery software makes all that go away with the click of a button (or rather, the touch of a screen). As the world faces the increasingly bleak reality of life during a pandemic, going paperless has never been more relevant. Keeping your staff safe and healthy has become visceral and eliminating the need for paper and pen will go a long way to ensuring their safety.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

With the rise of business transparency and true customer service, giving your customers the power to track and trace their orders is fast becoming the norm. Using mobile ePOD software enables your client to virtually track their order in almost real-time, fostering a sense of trust and almost guaranteeing repeat business. Mobile ePOD software not only serves your customer base but also protects your company in the case of a dispute as every detail of the transaction has been recorded,  and thus cannot be refuted or debated. This mutually guaranteed trust and protection increases customer-supplier trust and goes a long way to ensuring repeat business, business referrals, and stellar online reviews.



More businesses over the world who are looking at software solutions to free up space and time within their organizations have better reporting capabilities, increased transparency, and metric visibility, as well as better customer relations. Using mobile ePOD software to remotely manage your fleet has far-reaching benefits – benefits you would be remiss to ignore.


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