5 Keys For Mobile ePOD Success

Mobile ePOD Success

If ensuring customer satisfaction does not appear in your priority list, you need to revisit it immediately. One of the major aspects that impact your customer experience is the way you deliver your services. Error-prone and time-consuming manual processes have a significant impact.

To improve your customer experience, you need to seriously consider automating your operations. One way in which you can improve service delivery is by replacing paper delivery notes by Mobile ePOD Software.


What is Mobile ePOD Software?

Mobile ePOD Software is a digitized version of paper delivery notes. These systems capture an electronic proof of delivery, thereby providing you, your team, and your customers complete visibility throughout all shipping stages.

Mobile ePOD Software electronically records signatures, notes, and photographs stamped with time, location, and date for successful deliveries. The system also provides information related to failed couriers. It stores information related to delivery events in its cloud database. Analyzing the associated data will help you understand different trends and make better decisions. These systems provide real-time notifications related to delivery events to your team and customers. Advanced software can even help create an audit trail for minimized customer disputes.


Mobile ePOD Software benefits

Boosts productivity

One of the major drawbacks of a paper proof of delivery system is that paper delivery notes get easily misplaced or damaged. Additionally, they are often misread. When this happens, the team has to invest extra effort to figure out what went wrong.

EPOD Software addresses this problem by automating the entire chain. Records are electronically stored, and a few clicks are enough to extract specific insights. Your staff needn’t invest time in manually entering the data and can, therefore, focus on more critical tasks.

Mobile ePOD Software automates routine tasks such as checking deliveries against orders, helping your drivers deal with product returns, and updating order details efficiently.


Helps reduce the business’s carbon footprint

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore their environmental impacts. As a responsible business owner, you need to evaluate the environmental cost of operating your company. Because an ePOD system is fully automated and does not use paper, opting for one can help reduce your carbon footprints. Paper records require huge amount of space. ePOD system can also help address this issue.


Improved customer service

An ePOD system can assist with personalised customer service, and Mobile ePOD solutions allow drivers to create and save notes related to customer preferences. These notes can be used in the future by other operators in the fleet to ensure accurate delivery.

An ePOD solution can enhance customer communication by providing pre-delivery notifications and other alerts related to delivery tracking. Furthermore, the ePOD system enables drivers to swiftly record customer complaints. It is designed to ensure that whenever feedback is recorded, your service delivery team has all the information it needs to deal with the problem.


Time and cost savings

A manual proof of delivery process is both time-consuming and prone to errors. Businesses that rely heavily on these require tons of space to store paper-based records. Additionally, printing and filing documents eat into the work-hours of employees. An ePOD solution, on the other hand, automates workflows, which means you’ll never ever have to bury yourself in huge stockpiles.



Tips for ensuring Mobile ePOD success

Acquiring and implementing a Mobile ePOD Software alone won’t help you achieve your automation goals if you don’t know how to use one. To help you get the most out of your system, we have compiled a list of a few Mobile ePOD Software best practices. Take a look.


Train your field and office teams

No matter how advanced your ePOD solution is, you will still need humans to operate it at the end of the day. After acquiring a system, train your field and office teams to help them understand the ins and outs of the solution. Invite industry experts to organize workshops and conduct classroom training sessions, and show your employees how the system works.


Launch a pilot project

Your decision to implement your ePOD solution immediately after acquiring it can backfire. To learn everything there is to know about the software, launch a pilot project. Create a team to monitor the performance of the solution during the testing phase. Once the evaluation is over, ask for a report containing their tips on how to get the most out of the technology.


Make sure your preferred system ticks all the right boxes

When it comes to picking a Mobile ePOD Software, you will be spoilt for choice. Not all solutions, however, are made equal. To obtain maximum value for money, make sure that your system has the following capabilities:

  • Provides complete visibility into delivery operations
  • Comes equipped with a real-time notification system designed to help customers track their orders
  • Enables quicker access to billing, payment, and delivery data
  • Boasts a user-friendly interface
  • Features integrated delivery alerts


Periodically evaluate data

Your Mobile ePOD system generates a plethora of data that will help you uncover trends. When your managers have complete information regarding delivery events and reasons behind successful and unsuccessful deliveries on their fingertips, their decision-making process will improve by leaps and bounds.


Watch out for updates

You cannot just buy your ePOD Software and forget it. To ensure it functions flawlessly, watch out for periodic updates by your vendor. Make sure all the activities related to updates are carried out in a timely manner.



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