3 Essential Qualities To Look For In A Good Warehouse Management System – Part 1

As we all know, the right Warehouse Management System will save you time and money and ultimately increases your customers’ satisfaction. The decision of the right WMS cannot be taken lightly and one needs to do extensive research when choosing the right one for your business.

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The right WMS will give you a spike in client service, prompting more prominent consumer loyalty as well as return on investment. Not having a decent WMS in place will mean a struggle to maintain your customer base.

Quality Number 1: Maximum Functionality

The most important element you need to find out around a WMS solution is what it can accomplish for you and how it can effectively work in you favour.

While investigating a warehouse management system, ask yourself, “Will this WMS streamline all of our business processes?” For example, if your organization experiences issues when monitoring employees’ productivity, a great WMS will offer assistance and a solution. A WMS ought to have the capacity to track what errands and tasks an employee has performed (and where they were performed), which will give you direct visibility your workforce’s efficiency and time management.

There are many different courses in which a WMS can help you accomplish more with less assets (you can read about those progressed WMS includes here). The takeaway from this specific point is that a decent WMS augments the things it can accomplish for you while minimizing the work on your end.

When making the decision, your first question should be does this warehouse management system do more with less effort?

Quality Number 2: How easy is it to use?

Time is money, if a WMS is easy to use, it will save you amount of time needed to spend on employee training – for ALL employees, from pickers to senior management. A well-designed WMS lets users spend less time setting up and monitoring daily operations, so they are able to quickly adapt to new requirements.

New employees can likewise be up and running in a matter of hours, rather than weeks. Above all, a clear understanding of expectation guarantees that all employees will have the capacity to influence the WMS usefulness without bounds.

While deciding on the right WMS, search for easy menus and help screens that can enhance convenience and optimise time and efficiency. For instance, ensure the WMS allows simplified data entry and creation of template reports and charts. A user friendly and powerful dashboard view (which naturally upgrades continuously) will provide users with a single area to access all of their most critical data.

Quality Number 3: Complete Transaction Management

The right warehouse management system should manage all of the door to door operations even receiving and manifesting.

A good WMS should give you detailed information on all of your products, transactions, client history as well as your employees.

Below are some elements that you need to consider:

  • Receiving
  • Putting away received goods
  • Order picking
  • Shipping
  • Cycle counting (inventory audits)
  • Any item movement

When you can track everything that is going on in your warehouse (from people to movement to products), you can do specialized analysis that will help you hire smarter and stock products more efficiently.
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