Best Employment Strategies for Your Warehouse

No matter the size of your company, large or small there are always ways to learn, grow and increase your business success. We explore a few core employment strategies that have proven to work extremely well.

It Is Essential for a management team to explain the purpose of new utilising new technology to employees

The best business successes and new implementations of a product always start with a solid internal foundation in the form of company meetings. In that meeting management will explain why the new technology is important and that no one should be afraid of it. Key personnel should be involved in the decision process and higher level management need to make it clear that their employees are an essential part of the process. Those who have adapted to the new software, new processes and new wireless technologies would be in great shape to help their operations grow and be profitable. Many employers find out along these journeys that their employees want to do more and actually embrace technology. Each employee should have their ideas and plans heard.

The smartest business directors know that it is critical to cross train employees and empower them. In the event that you have a distribution centre work force that are restricted to just a particular territory, for example receiving, you will not be able to leverage them in other areas quickly and dynamically.

Murphy’s Law expresses that everything that can and will turn out badly often does! In the event of a disaster, work crisis or something as simple as an employee being sick -your receivers are worthless if they can’t step into the process quickly and efficiently and help out. You need to empower people to be problem solvers.

From an employee’s point of view, doing the same task every single day can be very depressing and boring. Due to this, it benefits both representatives and administration to be prepared and flexible between different operations as may be needed. Often an employee who has a fresh task or fresh environment where they can contribute to the overall goal will be seen to shine and feel more fulfillment within their job.

Tracking, recognising and rewarding top producers is critical

Every employee is important and their direct contribution to your company should be evaluated and rewarded if positive. In the software we published there is a Productivity Inquiry that you can actually pull up any given time period or warehouse to track activities. All activities are counted and tracked to actual employees. You can clearly view which employees accomplish more during their work hours. Several of our very successful clients leverage these reports for individual bonuses or incentives

Fun Should Be Incorporated Into the Plan

Along with implementing a new product or strategy into your warehouse management systems, there also needs to be an element of fun. Think of ways to keep the team morale high and include games or targets to reach which will gain a reward.
For example, a certain warehousing company have a special room where they eat and have their tea breaks. On the wall is a ‘goal board’ which has certain targets and dates that these targets need to be achieved by. Not only are the staff members responsible for achieving these targets rewarded accordingly, they also get to choose any restaurant they want for the team to go out and celebrate. It’s the small things within your organisation that matter, find out what matters to your staff and you will reap the rewards in your business growth and success.
Dovetail Business Solutions have over 22 years’ professional experience. We understand what make a team really work and we understand the IT infrastructure and software platforms that need to be in place. Read through our company history and take a look at our specialised Warehouse Management Software Solutions which will not only improve your working environment but will greatly improve the staff moral and involvement.