Wristband Printing- Saving Lives

Wristband printers have become a popular trend in medical facilities owing to the increased safety it provides for patients, Not only can babies be tagged to prevent swopping and theft, but all hospital patients can be tagged to ensure administration of the correct medication, food types and that their diagnosis is visible to all medical personnel, which ensures the right treatment.

Label printers can also be implemented in hospital labs to ensure that samples do not get mixed and that the right results are matched with the right patient.

Therefore, the use of wristband printing in medical facilities greatly reduces the risk of error and enhances patient safety, which ultimately saves not only costs, but lives and helps hospitals to function more efficiently.

Dovetail Business Solutions offers a Wristband Printer from RFID specialist Zebra Technologies. The HC100 offers a quality thermal imaging printing and can be used for crowd management, access control and patient identification.

Many other label printers are also available from Dovetail and comprise track and trace functionality, which assists companies in managing assets as well as documents and records. This not only helps to save costs, but improves efficiency and safety as well. Barcode label printers also assist with inventory management and simplifies the stock taking process which results in time savings.

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