What to look for at the ‘heart’ of an IT package – Dovetails FleetWatch

Considering that your logistics software package will drive your business system, you need to carefully consider how the package should benefit your business before you invest in something that is good for a purpose, but will never be able to handle the long term load and growth prospects of your company.

It goes without saying that the IT supplier should be stable and have a proven track record, with knowledge and understanding of the freight and transport industry.  The product on offer should have a solid and industry recognised database that will grow with your needs and be adaptable to your operating environment.  It must therefore be customisable to suit your needs and not the other way around.  Possibly, most important of all – it must be proven!

Here are some key issues that the ‘heart’ of your operation should be able to handle as standard:

  1. POD Management
  2. Loss Control
  3. Debtors
  4. Track & Trace
  5. Costing and Rates
  6. Vehicle Utilisation
  7. Client Services
  8. Contractors and Sub-Contractors)

Prior to making a final decision on an IT package, ensure that it offers the above-mentioned features and that it will enable you to better control and, ultimately, streamline business processes.

An IT package should improve operational processes. Be sure to speak to a potential service provider about the return on investment that a package can offer you and when you can expect to start seeing results. An IT service provider should help you benchmark your operational processes and  build a long-term relationship with you, in which cost reduction and operational improvement is the main goal.

Choosing an IT solution means choosing an IT partner for life. Logistics software is not a quick once-off purchase but requires constant involvement from your IT supplier to ensure that your system is utilised to its full potential and that it is continuously updated to meet industry requirements and ensure competitiveness.