Transport Management – We Have What You Need

From our in-depth understanding of logistics, we have developed a suite of Supply Chain Management software solutions that control the management of the processes of moving and storing products between point of origin and point of use. This all-encompassing solution is known as the FreightWare Application Suite.

The two main areas of physical product movement management are warehousing and transportation.  With the advent of e-commerce, this “virtual” aspect has become an integral part and thus forms our third component.

FreightWare Distribution

The Distribution module is a far-reaching set of software programs that cover the whole spectrum of distribution companies such as:

  • Sameday Courier
  • Overnight Express
  • Line Haul
  • Wholesale
  • Break-bulk
  • Bulk
  • Part Loads
  • Full Truck Loads
  • Abnormal Loads
  • Machine Moving
  • Contract
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Direct Distribution
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods

The software is angled to specifically the type of work your company performs.  Thus to a courier company it appears as a highly advanced Courier Package, yet to a company focused on FMCG, it provides that appearance.  This is achieved by modifying the suite of programs and fine tuning the parameter set.

FreightWare runs your entire distribution process, from quotations and collections, through line-haul to deliveries, POD management, and even commission calculations. It provides detailed shipment tracking, customised management reporting and a complete debtors system. It employs the latest technologies, such as bar codes, the Internet, E-Commerce, vehicle tracking and automated weighing and dimensioning. Combined with account management, software development, training and business analysis capabilities, FreightWare is a comprehensive solution that is simple to use.

Dovetail FreightWare transport management solution is widely used by medium to large transport operators across Africa to increase efficiencies. reduce costs, reduce carbon footprint and ensure continuous growth by integrating and optimising all business processes surrounding transport operations.

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