Conference Aims to Take a Look at Critical Issues in South African Warehousing

For the fourth year running the Warehousing Management Systems (WMS) Roadshow will take place in South Africa and aims to bring logistics industry stakeholders together to discuss critical issues and opportunities affecting the local warehousing industry.




The roadshow will feature industry experts with experience in all aspects of warehousing and logistics to inform delegates of labour, arbitration and technology challenges and opportunities in warehousing and will consider the state of warehousing in South Africa compared to global operations.




“The roadshow aims to bring warehouse owners and operators as well as key decision makers in the logistics industry together to discuss the challenges and opportunities experienced in the industry, advise each other regarding available solutions and to consider the future of the warehousing industry and possibilities for growth,” explains Dovetail Business Development Director Shermandra Singh.




“New transport regulations, labour laws, productivity, data capturing and accuracy, communication and growth are constant challenges on the minds of every warehouse operator and, therefore, we decided to address these issues at the 2015 roadshow.”




Singh highlights that there is a growing need for guidance from small to large warehousing operations regarding the use of technology to mitigate the challenges experienced when warehousing tasks start growing and external factors require integration with internal operations.




“Warehousing enterprises need to consider the effects and possibilities that advances in technology will have on warehousing operations as IT is at the forefront of warehousing growth and integration,” he reiterates.




2015 Speakers




The WMS Roadshow 2015 will welcome keynote speaker Martin Bailey who will be sharing his views on the state of and requirements from local warehousing. During his career Bailey has built over 300 warehousing facilities, undertaken over 5000 supply chain projects and has served as a warehousing consultant for more than 30 years.




Guest speakers will include SEESA advocate Grant Joubert, Bidvest system integrations expert Muhsin Sayed and Global VP of HighJump HighJump Joe Couto.




Grant Joubert will discuss labour relations acts and amendments pertaining to arbitration awards following subsequent dismissals in the workplace, the drastic change in approaching the Labour Court should an employer wish to challenge an Arbitration Award, employees on fixed term contracts, retrenchment of employees pertaining to the CCMA’s jurisdiction and strike management together with trade union organisational rights in the workplace.




Further, Joe Couto, who also speaks at the Canadian WMS Roadshow, will be discussing how WMS technology is performing and advancing globally and will demo new features of the HighJump WMS technology.




Lastly, Muhsin Sayed will showcase how technology can be applied in warehouses for success and used to overcome efficiency, layout, productivity, data inaccuracy and integration issues.




Warehousing technology devices will also be displayed at the roadshow by warehouse management systems provider Bartrans and demos will be available to those interested in seeing first-hand how these systems are operated.




Book Your Seat




The South African WMS Roadshow welcomed 133 delegates in 2014 and is looking forward to welcoming even more in 2015.




To attend the event is free. However, booking is mandatory as seats are limited and adequate catering needs to be ensured. Please RSVP to:





 Global VP of HighJump-HighJump addressed delegates at the WMS roadshow 2014 More than 130 industry stakeholders attended the WMS roadshow 2014