Top Barcode Scanner Apps for Android PDA Devices

A warehouse manager must have critical inventory-related data on their fingertips. To take the right decisions when they matter the most, managers must have easy access to reports and information. To help their supervisors manage warehouses more effectively, businesses around the world use barcode scanning systems. A barcode scanning system includes three components- barcodes, a handheld scanner and an inventory management software. Earlier, businesses relied on bulky handheld scanners that were difficult to carry around and use. To address this problem, many manufacturers have started offering lightweight Android PDA devices.


Android PDA devices: An introduction

A personal digital assistant or personal data assistant is a handheld device used for scanning barcodes. The rugged Android scanning device includes several features. PDA devices usually have an address book, contacts list, a memo feature and calendar. Many PDA devices come with touchscreens. The feature helps users save time and efforts.

These handy devices can be connected to the Internet. PDA scanners can be easily plugged into computer ports for transferring data. Before starting to use an Android PDA device, the user needs to install an app for mobile handheld computer on it.


Best barcode scanner apps for Android PDA devices

When opting for a mobile hardware app, you will be spoilt for choice. While many apps focus exclusively on reading barcodes, there are others that can do much more than that. To help you make an informed decision, we have created a list of top warehouse mobile hardware apps. Take a look.

1. Scout

Scout is used for warehouse inventory management. It is the app version of a popular warehouse and inventory management application, topShelf. Used by both small and big businesses, Scout is a scalable solution. Features that you get will depend on the version of topShelf that you opt for. Some available functions include cycle counting, order picking, proof-of-delivery and wave picking.

All your data is available through a web portal, which means you can access your inventory from any location. Additionally, you get real-time updates and reporting, which helps improve the decision-making process. To use Scout, you don’t have to load a software; however, you must have a topShelf subscription.

2. Inventory Droid

Inventory Droid is one of the simplest inventory management tools. The app lets you track inventory based on pre-defined attributes such as location, purchase date, value and serial number. The app also allows you to capture images of items and their purchase receipts.

There are two versions available- a standard version and a pro version. While the standard version offers support for a single device, the pro version can be used by multiple users. Support for online UPC databases from Google and Amazon means you just have to scan your barcodes to auto-populate attributes of items with UPC codes.

3. Barcode Express Pro

Barcode Express Pro is used for inventory tracking. The app tracks items based on the product’s location, value and ID tag. The app allows users to upload product images. Barcode Express Pro is known for its comprehensive search function. You can export to Google Docs as a CSV file or through SMS.

Users can also search and import data and images from Amazon. Barcode Express Pro can be an ideal option for businesses with basic inventory tracking and reporting needs.

4. Stock Control

Stock Control is used for inventory tracking. The app allows you to track items by location, category and attributes. One of the strong points of Stock Control is the high degree of customization it provides. Though the app includes standard attributes, you can create the ones that you need the most.

Thanks to the app’s ability to search by item and barcode location, you can also use it for asset management. Whenever a particular item’s stock level goes beyond a set limit, the app issues notifications prompting the user to take action. Users can easily export and import files for use on their system.

Stock Control is simple to understand and use, which means you won’t have to provide any special training to your employees who would be using the app. Further, the app can be used to manage almost any type of inventory collection.

5. EZ Office Inventory

EZ Office Inventory is a cloud-based application used for asset management. The solution can be scaled to support the needs of growing businesses. Because the app is cloud-based, users have real-time access to data. EZ Office is known for its awesome check-in/out feature. The app not only keeps track of who is using which asset but also sends the person notification when they are overdue.

Users can access important data related to asset documentation and drivers and can also read comments by their peers on usage techniques.

6. CodeREADr

CodeREADr is used for inventory management. The app helps you scan both 1D and 2D barcodes. You get to decide whether you want to store data on your server or in the cloud. The app lets you click and store pictures. In addition to including text search, the app allows users to use voice commands to search items.

On-device backup ensures all scans are saved. To help users collect data, the app has multiple choice and short answer options. The auto next feature ensures users do not have to press a button to initiate subsequent scans.


Be aware of the Steps to Consider When Selecting a Barcode Scanning System!