Time-Critical Transport: Devising a Master Plan

Time-critical shipping doesn’t have to be expensive, inefficient, or wasteful—as long as it’s all part of the plan.

Inbound Logistics notes that expedited transportation was once considered either a luxury—a high-cost service reserved only for the most urgent shipments—or a last resort for when something went seriously wrong in the supply chain, and an expedited shipment was the only fix.

But today, the game has changed. Companies of all sizes utilize time-critical transportation for ongoing, continuous, planned shipments every day, for a variety of reasons and broad range of products.

“The word ‘expedited’ scares some people, because it sounds expensive and outside a typical transportation budget. But that is no longer the case,” says Rick Mathews, vice president, specialized services for YRC Freight, an Overland Park, Kansas-based less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier that offers several expedited and time-critical services.

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Time-Critical Transport: Devising a Master Plan