Supply Chain Skills Gap Widening

The skills shortage in South Africa, highlighted in the University of Johannesburg’s Supply Chain Skills Gap Survey 2012, stresses the need for qualified professionals in the Supply Chain industry and reveals that the skills gap in South Africa’s supply chain industry has widened considerably.

The survey titled ‘An Update of the Supply Chain Skills Gap in South Africa’ and compiled by Gert Heyns and Rose Luke, highlights South African employers views that, while operational positions in the supply chain industry are relatively easy to fill, it is more challenging to fill tactical positions, with managers, transport and supply planners, business analysts, demand planners, procurement staff, inventory and production planners, supply chain strategists, consultants and SC IT specialists identified as the most difficult tactical positions to fill.

In addition, the survey reflects that the top ten skills required by employers in the supply chain industry are customer focus, the ability to plan and prioritise, business ethics, the ability to see the big picture, team work, problem solving, the ability to think outside the box, communication skills, business process improvement and decision making skills.