Searching For Logistics Software? Follow These Steps…

Are you in need of a logistics software solution? Making the decision to acquire logistics software entails a big investment and will require research, time and dedication.

Follow these steps to ensure that you are purchasing the right solution:

  1. Identify Your Needs: The very first step in acquiring a logistics software solution is determining what you want the solution to achieve. First off, determine what challenges you are currently experiencing in your company and what challenges are present in your external environment. Transport solutions need to focus on assisting companies in achieving fuel cost and maintenance cost reductions. In addition, transport software should enable an increase in efficiencies through route optimisation. Should you need a warehouse software solution, you need to determine what you want the solution to achieve by looking at weak spots in the warehouse environment.
  2. Research: As logistics software comprises a big investment, it is crucial for you to conduct thorough research before making a final decision. Look at what is available globally and locally and ensure that you buy a solution from a supplier that adheres to global best practice but adapts its solutions to the local market.
  3. Approach: After researching, approach a software solution provider that will be able to cater to your needs and ask to have a face to face consultation. During this session, ensure that you let the supplier know what you expect from a software solution, what you want to achieve and ensure that you know exactly what the supplier offers you with the solution, such as training, support, licensing etc.
  4. Cost Analysis: Get quotes on the software solutions needed and determine whether you can afford the solution. keep in mind that both transport software and warehouse software cater for big logistics operations and are, therefore, expensive. However, it is important to determine the return on investment that the solution will offer you before making a final decision.
  5. Implement: Once you have decided ion a solution, it is time for implementation. During this phase, it is your chance to acquire as much information, assistance and advise regarding your logistics operations from the software supplier as is possible. Make use of this opportunity to learn what other successful companies are doing and how to apply the software to tackle current challenges.
  6. Ensure Maximum Benefits: It is extremely important for you to choose a software provider that will ensure the success of your business and continuously support your operations. Ensure that you will have a dedicated account manager from the software vendor that will get to know your operations, preferences and business culture and target its solutions  to your needs and requirements.

Acquiring a logistics software solution is not a once off process, but a lifelong partnership.

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Ensure that you follow all of the necessary steps when purchasing a logistics software solution.