How Live Mobile Monitoring Is Helping Curb Goods-In-Transit Heists

Logistics companies have recently become a very profitable target for crime syndicates as they deal with bulk access to high-value customer goods. This has come with a massive responsibility of making certain there are proper security measures in place for their customers’ cargo both in transit and within storage facilities.

Warehouses are at a lower risk of being targeted because of surveillance and security that makes it easy to monitor and react to. Moving cargo on the other hand, is far trickier to secure and logistics companies are experiencing the unfortunate rise of goods-in-transit heists. Fortunately, developments in security solutions along with the availability of bandwidth mean that these risks can be reduced.

Monitored on the move

One of the solutions that exist includes creating a live video connection between a vehicle and control room so that it is easy to keep track and monitor the vehicle whilst on the move. Vehicles are equipped with GPS systems and bi-directional audio that enable for their location to be pinpointed at any time needed, while live video streaming can be switched on wherever mobile data coverage allows. Controllers are then put in the position where they are able to identify risky situations and can respond to ensure the protection of the goods as well as the driver.

Such monitoring makes improvement to response times and control centres are able to take action quickly to dispatch assistance in times of threat. With the help of accurate visuals and exact location tracking, security responders know exactly what they are dealing with before they arrive.

The system can also be equipped with alarms that are triggered when one engages in certain behaviour like the opening of the cargo doors. The alarm along with live video streaming act as a type of distress signal and can help drivers communicate with control centres without endangering themselves in the process.

Technology, affordable mobile data allows for more effective solutions

Technology and the increased accessibility and availability of mobile data have significantly improved, allowing for security solutions to be more effective than ever before. Coverage has also been improved and mobile networks have expanded their coverage to virtually anywhere in South Africa. There are however quite a few areas that have weak signal and users receive only EDGE or GPRS coverage. This has prompted surveillance equipment manufacturers to find a way to still have video transmission of reasonable quality even from low coverage areas. Usable video feeds transmitted from moving vehicles through the use of sophisticated compression technology still is possible.

Live monitoring and surveillance solutions that fit

The only way to receive maximum benefit from live monitoring and surveillance solutions is to ensure that the selected equipment meets specific criteria. Firstly, security and logistic companies need to find a system that is able to transmit high-quality video footage from low coverage areas, as mentioned already. Another specific criteria includes making sure that remote viewing from any device is possible. In situations where responders sit closer to the vehicle than the control centre, it is beneficial to be able to remotely access video feeds and be prepared. Lastly, the system needs to have the ability to integrate with other devices and functionality like event sensors and detection, and notification tools.

It is important that logistics and security companies stay a step ahead of criminals and the best way to achieve that is through the use of intelligent technology. Live streaming and effective video surveillance enables for quick response times, more effective control and can be the difference between lives and cargos lost or saved.

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Source: Bizcommunity