Full Functionality = Full Benefits

Are you using all of the functionality that technology offers you? Think about your mobile phone. How many of us actually use all of the features that it offers and how much easier can unused mobile functions  make your life?

While it is always exciting to buy a new technological device, how many of us actually read through the instruction manual to see what exactly it offers? Some of us would rather figure it out for ourselves and actually run the risk of not knowing what else we could have received from our investment.

But what about serious investments for business purposes? Can you really afford not to use the full functionality offered by warehouse software or  mobile technology- devices deployed to greatly increase the efficiencies of your business?

When it comes to your business, you need to ensure a maximum return on investment from the technologies you deploy to grow and streamline business processes.

Before buying a logistics software program, it would be wise to ensure that you know exactly what you need from the software and what you expect to achieve after the program’s full functionality has been deployed.

For example, when introducing warehousing software into your warehouse, you might expect the software to automate most admin tasks, increase on-time deliveries, decrease data inaccuracies, speed up data conversion as well as track and trace goods moved in and out of the warehouse.

Naturally, you would then buy a programme which offers this functionality. In addition, you would need to track the performance of the software against your goals and work with the software provider to ensure that the program is optimised for success.

It is crucial to ensure communication with software providers. You need to ensure that you are using all of the software’s capabilities that can positively contribute towards your business processes. You can also ask your software providers  whether the results you are receiving from the software can be optimised.

When buying a software program for deployment in the logistics industry ensuring the following:

  • You have undertaken adequate research and know exactly what you need from logistics software
  • You will constantly measure business performance and will have the resources to do so
  • The software provider offer 24/7 support
  • You can easily communicate with the software provider to ensure that you are using the full functionality offered by the software program (applicable to your business)
  • Your software provider will update you with regard to new functionalities offered
  • Ensure you know what the licensing requirements are
  • Ensure that the software offers integration with other software programs, necessary for your business processes
  • Measure the cost of software deployment against the results you will achieve