Fleet Management Project Goes Live in Namibia

Fleet Management Project Goes Live in Namibia

The successful implementation of phase 1 of a logistics software project for waste removal and collection provider Rent-A-Drum was realised on December 20, 2013 and will enable increased control and visibility over the company’s fleet.

Phase 1 of the project started on September 6, 2013 and entailed the successful implementation of logistics software provider Dovetail Business Solution’s N1+ Fleet Management software solution with further phases, comprising the implementation of the company’s Routing, Scheduling and Optimisation and MobileControl software solutions, to follow.

Rent-A-Drum implemented the N1+ Fleet Management software to enable accurate reports regarding the maintenance costs for its fleet of over 50 vehicles. Prior to the implementation, the company was using spread sheets to manually record fleet information – a time consuming process.

“It is a cumbersome process to manually assemble accurate costing information, which renders decision making for adequate fleet management more difficult. Therefore, logistics software technologies assist companies in acquiring accurate reports, which enable them to pinpoint costly fleet procedures and adjust their operations accordingly,” notes Rent-A-Drum chairman and owner Gys Louw.

N1+ fleet management solution will enable Rent-A-Drum to perform adequate asset management comprising complete vehicle histories, inventory management, and reduced ownership costs as well as fleet maintenance scheduling, tracking and fleet analysis, states Dovetail business development director Shermandra Singh.

Further, the software will also enable the company to manage accidents and claims, driver traffic violations, incidents tracking and driver management.

With the N1+ Fleet Management solution, Rent-A-Drum will be able to take control of its fleet and focus on future growth and expansion, concludes Dovetail project manager Norman Ndebele.

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