EDI Customers -> WMS

In today’s competitive business world it becomes vitally important to maintain healthy relationships with existing trading partners.  But, with HighJumpOne EDI you are already doing that.  How could you possibly make them even happier?The greater accuracy of the HighJumpOne WMS’ continuously updated inventory and automated pick/pack/ship processes assures that goods promised will be shipped and that your Microsoft ERP will be automatically updated.  Automated label production assures that each carton carries the correct UCC 128 label, and automated generation and transmission of the Advance Ship Notice (856) and Outbound Invoice (810) forms provides instant, precise information to the customer.These assurances improved compliance by 90 percent for some of HighJump’ customers and a net annual savings of $16,200 from charge backs and penalties alone, while at the same time fortifying business relationships with critically important trading partners.Find out more about Dovetails Warehouse Management Solutions.