Dovetail Celebrates 20 Years of Logistics Innovation

This year Dovetail celebrates its 20th anniversary.  During this time, Dovetail has served many clients across Africa with its logistics software solutions implemented in more than 391 sites across the region.

Over the past 20 years, the company has succeeded in achieving a great number of ambitious targets and have made great strides with regard to logistics innovation and product development. Dovetail continuously aims to ensure streamlined supply chain processes for its clients and to introduce new logistics management solutions to the market.

“Dovetail is thankful to all of its clients and staff for the support and dedication that has allowed us to grow and innovate. We aim to play an increasingly important role in Africa’s logistics industry and to assist the continent in ensuring a resilient supply chain,” notes Dovetail Managing Director Tony Davis.

“With our clients continued support we plan to make the next 20 years even BETTER,  BRIGHTER and BOLDER.”

Where We Aim to Go in the Logistics Future

In 2014, Dovetail developed two new solutions which will make a big difference in supply chain efficiency for all industry stakeholders. The first is the  Container Transport Solution (CTS), which is a container management software application enabling the industry to have increased visibility and control over container processes.

Following this is the MobileControl on Android solution, which enables businesses to carry their supply chains in their pockets and have complete control and visibility over their transport, warehousing and employee operations from their Android phones. This solution greatly increases communication between the workforce, management and clients and enables streamlined delivery and supply chain processes.

Further, Dovetail has also taken great strides in participating in logistics development by placing greater focus on industry participation, education and partnership.

“To ensure a stronger focus on logistics innovation, development and growth for the African logistics industry, Dovetail has always placed great importance on partaking in industry events, discussions and innovation. However, since 2014 we have placed an even stronger focus on education by hosting regular informative sessions with our clients and industry stakeholders, lecturing at universities and also wrote a book to share the knowledge we have gained over the past 20 years,” explains Dovetail Business Development Director Shermandra Singh.

The Book on Logistics Software

Dovetail’s management team joined forces and worked hard to get all of the information gathered regarding project implementation, product development, client retention and communication, support, partnerships and industry trends into the chapters of its book.

To learn more about The Book on Logistics Software; a Definitive guide for Business Executives Click Here: The Book On Logistics Software.