Dovetail Business Solutions MobileControl in a Nutshell

On June 19, 2014, logistics software provider Dovetail Business Solutions will be launching its MobileControl software on Android, thereby, enabling both small and large logistics operators to take advantage of its industry-leading mobile software solution.

 Dovetail Business Solutions MobileControl in a Nutshell

Imagine being able to streamline dispatch and delivery operations to such an extent that dramatic improvements in time-efficiency, reliability and cash flow are achieved…

Being able to bridge the gap between your mobile workforce and on-site operations has never been so critical to your business’s success as it is in today’s environment.

Finally- Complete Delivery and Collections Management

Dovetail Business solutions offers you the opportunity to manage delivery and collection operations by utilizing the MobileControl! Enable route optimization, job tracking and delivery compliance with real-time communication between drivers and head office by using Android smartphone devices!

Manage Route Progression = Excellent Customer Service

In addition to planning optimum routes, you now have the option to use MobileControl to monitor the progress of each route in real time, enabling you to manage the whole delivery process and offer high qaulity customer service.

Real Time Driver Communication and Task Allocation

With the MobileControl app on a drivers own Android device, drivers can download the route allocated to them for the day and, using instructions displayed on the PDA, complete the process for each delivery or collection including special instructions and checks.

Know Your Business 24/7

Using MobileControl, your Operations Department can track all aspects of delivery and collection to monitor route compliance, manage exceptions and provide a signed proof of delivery. The PDA device provides real-time visibility of each route using GPS tracking and also captures event and exception data for all stops along the route.

The Answer to Your KPI Prayers!

The solution for your business needs comprises the MobileControl web-based Executive Dashboard, which utilises real-time information on delivery status, measured against a company’s business KPIs, to highlight and react to exceptions as they arise, providing detailed management information.