Handheld Scanner- Streamlining Warehousing Processes

It is quite amazing when considering the effect that handheld scanners and mobile software devices have had on warehousing processes. Not only do they speed up processes, but greatly reduce the amount of administration necessary in a warehouse environment and, most importantly, assist with the reflection of ACCURATE DATA regarding warehouse stock, dispatch and deliveries.

Benefits of handheld scanners:

Big Variety for different logistics requirements

There are many different types of handheld scanners available for different requirements in a warehouse environment. Mobile scanning technologies have advanced to ensure that multiple tasks can be performed with a single device. Depending on your requirements, handheld scanners comprise barcode scanners which utilise RFID technology to ensure that products entering the warehouse are accurately captured and displayed on inventory lists and also allows automatic updates to warehouse software when products are dispatched for delivery. In addition, barcode scanners comprise mobile computers and barcode verifiers which all come in different shapes and sizes for small business and industrial use.


The best thing about handheld scanners is that you can take them with you in a warehousing environment wherever you go. The scanners can also be used for transport management by allowing security to scan driver access cards and record time of entry and dispatch.

Fast-tracked Warehousing processes

By eliminating manual processes in a warehouse, efficiency is optimised. Administration tasks are some of the most time consuming assignments in logistics. In a warehousing environment, time efficiency is crucial for ensuring on-time deliveries as well as accurate delivery cycles. Therefore, handheld scanners greatly increase the efficiency of product tracking and capturing and aids in the reflection of accurate data for warehousing analysis.

Integration with warehouse software

To ensure supply chain visibility, the reflection of accurate data across supply chain processes is crucial. Therefore, all software systems need to be integrated to ensure that the data reflected has considered all surrounding processes, thereby, enabling warehouse managers and employees to make decisions based on accurate data.

Handheld scanners are linked to warehouse software systems to ensure that all data captured by the scanner are automatically updated to the software system.