Crossing Borders with FreightWare – Triton Express

The Project

This project comprised a joint mission in which Triton Express with the assistance of  Dovetail undertook to cross borders and drive business into southern Africa – specifically into Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho, Botswana and most recently Zambia. The project was successfully implemented by using an established infrastructure, world class I.T systems and an entrepreneurial culture

Project Specifications

Triton and Dovetail have worked together for 13 years, creating a strong working partnership with a good future. This has created a deep understanding of the way Triton Express operates Local partner with local software. Understanding, responsiveness and affordability were essential factors to the success of Tirtons expansion into Africa. The speed of Dovetail’s software localisation, customisations, adaptability and local African knowledge made a significant difference Experience.

The Software Implemented

Dovetail’s FreightWare logistics software solution made Triton’s roll out into Africa possible and successful. Freightware is scalable, modular and functional and provides companies with reliability without limits.

Project Results

  • Triton Express established 6 new branches (both in South Africa and in neighbouring states) as a result of this project. The company has been able to expand its service offering to both its current client base as well as to attract clients in new market verticals including mining.
  • Improved service levels – in the case of Namibian operations. Triton Express increased services levels for its partner from 42% – 97% on time delivery.
  • The expansion drive into Africa has achieved success with 4 of the 6 cross border branches showing profitability in the first 12 months. This has paved the way for these operations to contribute in the region of 10% to overall group turnover