Dovetail- Giving You a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

For the past 20 years Dovetail has enabled growth for leading logistics companies across Africa by providing innovative software solutions which solve the challenges of the logistics industry. As a result, our clients have increased their operational efficiencies while growing rapidly and thereby achieved a sustainable competitive advantage.

Dovetail is the solution to the logistics software needs of Africa. As a logistics software provider we ensure:


Our solutions were developed to ensure continuous support as your business expands and can be configured to cater for and support growth. By implementing logistics software as part of your supply chain, you can ensure increased visibility, accuracy and control over logistics processes which enable growth.


The number one hurdle to success in a supply chain environment is a lack of visibility which causes confusion, misinterpretations of achievements and a lack of communication between different links. By implementing warehouse software, transport software and mobile software you can ensure that information is automatically fed to different departments and clients as it comes in. This greatly reduces the need for manual labour and as well as admin and ensures that accurate data is reflected, thereby,  enabling supply chain links to make decisions and take action based on accurate information.

Sustainable Competitiveness

A big misconception across industries is that buying software off the shelf decreases competitiveness as your competitors have access to the same software solution. However, the main factor in ensuring competitiveness with the implementation of software systems depends on how you apply the software. The type of data loaded into a software solution depends on you and it is up to you to configure the data and use the software to your advantage. In many instances, buying of the shelf ensures that you are buying a solution that will work and has proved itself across industries. To make it work FOR YOU, you need to configure it to your unique requirements, which will ensure competitiveness.

At Dovetail, we take each clients requirements, preferences, operational performance and unique advantages into consideration when configuring a system. We ensure that each client has a sustainable competitive advantage.